The last Album by Knopf, "La Musica es Sentimientos" is available at  Spotify, CD BabyiTunes, Apple Music,  Amazon & all digital platforms.

Cover CD "La Musica es Sentimientos" by Fernando Knopf

 ** 15.10.20 TV Interview on i24News ** 

Music in Pandemic times

פרננדו קנוף מופיע עם שלום חנוך ומתי כספי !!

Fernando performs with Legends Matti Caspi & Shalom Hanoch

  Shows Tribute to B.V.S.C by Latin Power

My Composition "GUARACHA 42" Live in Japan 

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan 2019

 2X Grammy Award Winner MARLOW ROSADO 

& The Latin Power Orchestra Live (2017)

Nov 2017 - Papo Vazquez & Chuchito Valdes Tour !!

Latin Jazz Masters

Papo Vazquez - Chuchito Valdes - Fernando Knopf on Tour
Pedrito Martinez & Fernando Knopf

Liner Notes by Master Pedrito Martinez

..."Fernando Knopf is the Argentine bassist, composer and arranger precursor pioneer and expert of Latin Jazz and modern Latin American popular music, and is the person who is in charge to represent it in Israel and many other parts of the world with great prestige. We cannot to overlook the great masterpiece of his new production which takes us on a journey to Latin America, for its broad and deep rhythmic, harmonic and melodic sense which is reflected in each one of the songs, which will boil your blood and put you to dance. Simply a fantastic CD!"...

New York City. Pedrito Martinez - Cuban singer, Master Percussionist.

Latin Hits Show by Latin Power !!

* מופע להיטים לטיניים * המוסיקה הלטינית הכי טובה  

with the amazing Matti Caspi