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Fernando Knopf is also an acomplished Teacher in Israel awarded with the "Prize of Excellence" and "best Ensemble Teacher of the Year 2018" at Rimon School of Music.

With more than twenty years of experience in Music Education, Bass Lessons, Latin Basslines, Ensembles, Salsa Orchestras, Musical Direction, Arrangement/ Orchestration, Theory and Music Production.


Fernando teaches since 2008 at "Rimon School of Music", directs the Salsa Orchestra, Latin Jazz Ensembles, Latin Bass Lines, Latin American Music Courses, the Groove Ensamble, Bass Lessons, Rhythm, Harmony, Rhythm and many more.

Knopf  is also the Musical & Artistic Director since 2011 of the "Summer Workshops Week" at Rimon School of Music. 


Fernando Knopf was the Artistic Director of the Jam Sessions at the Red Sea Jazz Festival 2011.

In 2013 Fernando wrote and produced Multimedia Music Courses for "Rhythm Section" & The Secrets to "How to Play Music together" by "sCoolTV".


Mr. Knopf also gives Lessons, Workshop & Master Classes.


פרננדו גם ​מלמד שיעורים און-ליין בזום:

*גיטרה בס (ג׳אז, סלסה, Fאנק, גרוב, רוק, פופ ועוד)
*לטין בייסליינס - Latin Bass Lines
*מוסיקה לטינית - לכל כלי
(גם לזמרים)
*הפקה מוסיקלית & הפקת מופעים
*עיבוד, הרמוניה, תיאוריה, קצב, ועוד

פרטים במייל:

Fernando also teaches Online:

*Bass Guitar (Jazz, Funk, Groove, Salsa, Rock, Pop & more)
*Latin Bass Lines
*Latin Music - all styles for all instrument
(also for singers)
*Musical Direction & Shows Production
**Arranging, Harmony, Theory, Rhythm, etc

Contact me by email:

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